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Information age has come and computers have become one of the most important and useful creations of technology. Although this is the case, we found out that nine out of ten kids in Sta. Rita, Pampanga (a rural area which is a two-hour drive from Manila) have no basic knowledge of computers and most have never even touched a computer.

There is no public town library to house computers. And there are no available computer centers in the schools. Public school teachers also expressed their willingness to learn if there are only available access to computers.

Mighty Minds Inc. (formerly Pampanga Corps) was given a space at V. De Castro Elementary School where a computer center can be set up. On July 2001, with some volunteers and a limited budget, construction of the center has started (please see pictures of the development). Phase by phase, the center was completed on October 2001. It started with three (3) used computers donated by friends.

On December 30, 2001 the center was blessed and Mighty Minds Inc. (formerly Pampanga Corps) named it the Serafin Muñoz, Sr. Computer Center. This man is a native of the barrio. He was born and raised in Sta. Monica and all his children studied at V. De Castro Elementary School.

The Serafin Muñoz, Sr. Computer Center was set up to give free access to all children and adults to train them on the basics of computer operations. It also aims to enhance the IT skills of students by giving them a center where hands-on learning is possible. Its location can directly serve the students of Sta. Monica and San Agustin, as well as those from the other eight barrios in Sta. Rita, Pampanga. The organization is planning to build computer centers in other barrios as well.

Currently, a typical scenario in the center would show you lots of kids very eager to learn computers. Volunteers from Manila give basic computer courses weekly to teach kids and adults.

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