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Although public high school in the Philippines is free, many students still do not finish their secondary education. The reasons: they still have to pay transportation costs, they need uniforms, they have projects in school, they need books, notebooks, pencils and a lot more.

What happens next? They stop school. And what's worse, they stop dreaming...

Through the Sponsor A Student Program, you could help this kid finish high school. For only $.41 a day or $150 a year in 4 years, you can help build a solid foundation for a child's future. Just imagine the big difference you can make in this kid's life.

In preparation for College, the program would include a university tour in Manila to expose them in the different opportunities that lies ahead. They will also be part of the Computer Training Program in the
Mighty Minds Inc. (formerly Pampanga Corps) Serafin Muñoz, Sr. Computer Center to develop and enhance their computer skills.

We ask you to be a partner in this worthwhile endeavor. The hope of this kid is in your hands!

You may also want to join the Paulette Society for those who would want to sponsor five (5) kids at a time.

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