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How It Works

We will select a kid for you.
We will send a picture of the kid.
We will look after his/her development.
We will update you.
We will give you reports.
We can bring you there to see them.
We will give you a copy of diploma.

The operation of this program is very simple. One sponsor will fund one student to finish his/her high school. We would only act as a bridge between you and the student. Your contribution in fact would directly go to the kid's tuition and books. We would select the student (based on need and merit), oversee how they are doing and give you reports/updates on their status until they finish in four years. You will receive pictures of the kid you will be sponsoring and a copy of diploma will be sent to you after graduation.

The program starts on June 2002 and ends on April 2006. You may contribute in per year basis and could be divided in three payments - one in April ($40), another in July ($30) and the last on October ($30) for a total of $100 (a minimal increase may be added yearly for cost adjustment). Receipts of expenses may be provided upon request. There will also be an annual visit that would include sponsors like you. We will send you a letter of notice and you may come to see the fruits of your help.

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