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DLSU CONTRIBUTION SINCE 2002 - The Social Marketing classes of De La Salle University under Prof. Julie B. Tañada have consistently supported the programs and objectives of Mighty Minds. Since 2002, DLSU students under the said class had engaged in a wide range of fund-raising campaigns from concerts and entertainment productions to garage sales in an effort to generate proceeds that will be donated to Mighty Minds. Several groups had also donated books, school supplies, audiovisual equipment and a photocopier. Furthermore, these Social Marketing students have also taken on the spirit of community service grounded on volunteerism by involving themselves in such activities as tree planting and school clean up drives. There were also those who facilitated livelihood training seminars for the indigent families of our scholars. And through the efforts of these kind-hearted and generous college students, we were able to pursue and further expand our noble cause.  Truly, DLSU students had been reliable working partners of Mighty Minds.

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