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The objectives of the organization are outlined in the word SHARE. The following goals are seen as the driving force of the organization to continue their service in the community:

S - Scholarship Grants

» Scholarship grants are given to the deserving students who are able to meet the requirements of the organization.

H - Hubs of Learning

» The computer centers were initiated with the aim of teaching the youth for them to be not left behind in education.

A - Amenities

» Computers are donated by the concerned people. Donation of computers, books, and facilities for the small learning centres is welcome.

R - Reaching Out

» The organization aspires to extend help in areas where education towards computer usage and technology awareness is missing.

E - Educational Assistance

» The scholarship grants, computer learning centres, library, and facilities are part of the educational assistance that Mighty Minds provide. Volunteers in teaching about computer are welcome.

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