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Vision and Mission

The vision of the organization is to help our poor, but deserving, students get better opportunities for the future by way of education. We also aspire to do our share in the enhancement of the current educational system, conducting information technology (IT) literacy lessons and providing computers and relevant reading materials for the benefit of both students and teachers in our center. We recognize the importance of technological breakthroughs and how will this shape the future so we are equipping our scholars with the tools they need in order to secure a bright prospect for their career and professional life. 

We also hope to develop among the youth a sense of social responsibility. We instill in our scholars the importance of contributing to their neighborhood through community service. We also impressed on them the value of bringing back to their community the fruits of their hard efforts and, by doing so, set good examples for others to follow. 

The objectives of the organization are outlined in the word SHARE. The following goals are seen as the driving force of the organization to continue their service in the community:

S- Scholarship grants     
H- Hubs of learning        
A- Amenities for learning           
R- Reaching out to youth             
E- Educational assistance

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