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The vision began in a small barrio in Sta. Rita, Pampanga. Sta. Monica is a small barrio with only one elementary school which is the V. De Castro Elementary School. After a discussion with the principal, Dr. Victoria Tayao, the group found out that that there is almost a 50% attrition rate from grade school to high school. She mentioned that unlike before, even if a person just finished grade six he/she could still land a job. Now, having practically no skills, it is likely that they become part of the unemployed sector in our society, or worst be involved in crime and drugs. Mighty Minds, brainstormed as to what skills can be developed even at the grade school level. In this age of Information Technology, computer skills surfaced as the most important skill and starting them young is a definite advantage. The idea was presented to Dr. Tayao and discussed the issues like that of the students having computer subjects but do not have tools. Putting up a computer center was hatched; then. Dr. Tayao turned over the area. It was renovated and converted into a computer center with, now, eight (8) computers donated by friends.

On December 30, 2001 the center was blessed and Mighty Minds Inc.
(formerly Pampanga Corps) named it the Serafin A. Muñoz, Sr. Computer Center. The center is open to anyone who wants to learn the basics of computer free of charge. Basic computer courses are currently being offered which includes the Introduction to Computer, Introduction to Windows and Introduction to Microsoft Office. Mighty Minds had started another project called Sponsor a Student. It aims to help unprivileged students to continue their high school by giving financial support for their education. Currently, it has fifty (50) students under the program.

Mighty Minds is now in the process of looking for benefactor and partners that would help in the maintenance of the computer center to sustain the support for the fifty students. It is currently establishing linkages with government but more with private entities that can help in this endeavour.

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